Why will Servo Group make a difference?

As your chosen service provider you will be in the best hands possible, a team that care, really cares !! We bring as standard total compliance, full insurance. unlimited resources, a determination to be the very best all delivered with integrity and great diligence, we are here to bridge the gap from requirement to fulfilment, to be the bridge for multi services between our clients and the Servo team, in turn our partnership enables our local, outreached communities and clients access to many and varied employment and contract opportunities.

We work diligently and with integrity to motivate people to live inspired lives, to be communicative and to do “the right thing” every day, without our team, our workforce or our clients we are little more than a domain. We are very proud to work with and help several charities and great causes, this is very close to all our hearts and would encourage everyone to do what they can to help others.

Servo Group provides education, knowledge and access to resources always empowering our youngsters starting out at the very beginning undertaking several apprentice schemes ensuring sustainability and job creation long into the future of Servo Group and other service providers. We are also very mindful of the current status quo. Lengthy drawn-out and expensive surveys, unresponsive calls to action, non-attendances, poor performances, poor communication and more. We work tirelessly and daily to ensure a seamless service, our fully staffed 24hour control room acts efficiently and immediately to all enquiries, inbound emails and inbound calls.

Servo Group is extremely committed and will always endeavour to promote economic growth and stability within our communities. Ensuring the care of our clients and the community through continued engagement only creates positivity and greater opportunities. Our social standing is very important to us, vitally important. We are a peoples business in a world of tech, we will embrace all that is tech and all that is within our sectors but first and foremost we are the people that will assist and we are really looking forward to doing just that.

Welcome to Servo Group - Andrew McCallion CEO