Right Place, Right Time

The strategic planning that goes into the development of not only divisions, but Servo Group as a whole is rigorous, investigative and strategic.

Senior management at Servo Group work in conjunction with key personnel from each division and as such have a good understanding of the key areas for growth, be that in introducing further resource, new office locations or new equipment.

With the above in mind, Servo Group have looked at the current prospects based in the south, with special focus to our current contracts and how we can develop our presence whilst still performing in line with our ISO 9001 accreditation. After careful planning and analysis, Servo Group have recruited two additional key members to be based in London – Andy Haynes, Divisional Director and Lee Arnold, Operations Manager. The hire of two industry professionals with a depth of knowledge helps infiltrate the location further, and that information then used within the company in a consortium of work groups helps identify additional opportunities, and projects which run parallel to those we already overseen giving a broader coverage of the UK.

The above is again mirrored in our Northeast office, run by Yasmine Hatton-Ashley, Regional Manager. We find working this way provides a consistent growth and dynamic in that we have people in place with specific industry knowledge, but also regional knowledge (for example local governmental spending etc.). This can all be fed back to the Head Office in Leeds who then perform dissection of pipeline works, resource and expenditure ensuring we are fulfilling contractual expectations. The synopsis of which directs the company in the direction of organic and prosperous growth.

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