Securing Modern Civilisations

Servo Group have been utilising members of our Project Team to follow the latest industry trends, innovations and developments. Sustainable infrastructure and smart approaches to economic and social improvement are key initiatives countrywide in developing ‘smart cities’.

Given the current ecological climate, and requirement to reach net zero by 2050 smart cities are a logical direction for densely populated areas. With a technological overhaul on daily life our interest was triggered notably being a provider of CCTV.

We are proud members of the Association of Town and City Management (ACTM – ) which gives an international accreditation to cities boasting a safe and thriving nightlife. This has been taken up by major cities such as Birmingham which in turn is also a smart city. This after some investigation we have deemed not a coincidence, but the future of modern urbanisation and the requirement for a harmonious and safe destination of which is to achieve net zero and all elements involved with being deemed a ‘smart city’ run in parallel for the next generation of residents.

These findings have encouraged us to develop our contacts across major cities with a new additional fourth office now based in the Northeast where developmental funding is upwards of £700m.  We then take to the government website to look at masterplans ( )and if we can find any niche in the developments where we can deploy our solar CCTV towers to help the carbon emission during the build phase (and potentially thereafter) for our clients. Being able to be involved in this way, and offset carbon emissions (roughly 50 grams of CO2 for every kilowatt-hour of power produced) whilst providing safety is truly remarkable and the initiative shown within our team on this special project has been world class.

We will continue to pursue said works as we understand the national requirement for both the technological advancements and security particularly with areas of high populations and footfall for instance Manchester has around 4051 people/km2. Offsetting the CO2 within regions such as this cannot be taken lightly, and in tow we have strengthened our own capability to now encompass green infrastructure, implemented electric vehicles and indeed tree planting, enterprises we are incredibly proud of.

Servos Project Team are continuously looking for analytical market trends, and I look forward to disclosing their findings in my next article!

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