Strategic Statistics

Here at Servo Group we have been following the statistic trend in line with inflation, the cost of living crisis and the obvious paralleling this has then triggered in more disadvantaged areas in the number of crimes committed.

“Police recorded crime in England and Wales in the year ending March 2022 returned to and exceeded pre-coronavirus pandemic levels. The 6.3 million crimes recorded was 4% higher compared with the year ending March 2020 (6.1 million offences)

These figures though alarming are unfortunately predictable and understanding the economic strain this is having nationally, investment into security and crime prevention measures has seen significant rise. Servo Group offered a sounding board to our clients on the aforementioned statistics, and, of resounding note was that the cost of prevention was less than the cost of loss to a company.

The hike in fuel prices has led to an increase in theft of 61% be that directly from stations or indeed a common trend is directly from construction sites or warehousing facilities. Not only will companies have to face the cost of this loss, but it also inhibits productivity on site thus delaying works thus incurring further costs etc.

Although an unsettling time for most in the U.K. we are strategizing with clients on how to prevent crime, by going right back to planning phase. There has been significant shift within the Security Industry and at Servo Group, with some of our major development clients we are now being instructed onto works at planning phase. This means we can investigate the area prior to commencement of works, liaise with the local authority for ‘blind sports’ or points of interest, and provide a presence from day one to deter and prevent incidents.

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