The Cost of Doing Business

Being frugal is an integral concept for all U.K. based companies at present. Now more than ever it is crucial employees look at cost saving opportunities for every conceivable realm of expenditure. With businesses looking to pay more than four times the price they paid for electricity alone in 2020 and the wholesale of energy which have jumped by a fifth in the past month alone, cuts and stringent budgeting is the only option to keep running with around 1,800 companies in the UK registering for insolvency in July of this year.

With the above in mind (at the forefront for most) Servo Group are investing heavily in solar, and alternate products to alleviate some of the stresses for our clientele and indeed ourselves. To manage the ever-growing pressures of this economical predicament investments into not only renewable energy, but solar and alternatives are now pertinent.

We are now able provide a whole host of solutions to businesses to alleviate costs such as our solar powered CCTV towers and solar wireless detection sensors. These options are sustainable to clients offering a carbon offset, but importantly factor in a reduction in fuel costs and are offer far more affordability for long scale projects.

Solar powered technology offers an excellent long-term benefit of providing savings on the cost of utilities. Monthly electricity charges can be reduced by up to 20%.

Should the above be applicable to your industry/business, please be in touch and Servo Group will be happy to discuss with you further.

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