We are Servo

Working amidst several divisions is no light task, that being said with the right teams in place and the right company values it is not only attainable but propels companies such as Servo ahead of similar companies.

Once you create a harmonious environment, there is no limit to the growth and expansion of the company. Employees are more forthcoming with ideas, sharing information, and going above and beyond to help the team. Atmospherically it is a happy place to be and people want to come to work, and enjoy themselves when they do knowing they are bettering themselves, the team and overall the company.

The cliché saying ‘teamwork makes the dreamwork’ is somewhat mocked in modern society, however, it really is true. For a team to be successful, team members must put the interests of the team above their own. It’s necessary for team members, at times, to sacrifice their ego, play a supporting role and in some deep sense care more for the success of the team than for individual achievement and glory. These are timeless truths with roots extending far back to the very dawn of human culture. 

Implementing this in a workplace effectively is rolled out by an understanding of a job role does not emancipate any human interactions. I.e. there are plenty of companies where those in senior positions only have cups of tea made and it would be frowned upon for them to reciprocate the favour. This outdated way of thinking is a blockade for teamwork because it takes away a personal element within a company.

The above is a good insight into the daily workings of Servo Group, and these are the types of values we hold very dear.

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