‘Work Smarter not Harder’

There is no denying a global shift in the world of work following the Covid-19 pandemic. With companies such as ours implementing innovative ways of working. Analysing the company in terms of efficiencies, services were streamlined negating any onerous or superfluous tasks. The business model we have created is simple with each employee understanding their role and how their performance and productivity determines the success of the company. This to some sounds quite daunting, but because of the way it has been integrated here, it has fast become second nature as if we are all indeed ‘cogs’ and by no means is this a negative connotation.

Each and every member of Servo is held in high regard, this was again emphasised at our ‘Empowerment Event’, where it was made abundantly clear how truly valued everyone’s efforts are, and the importance of a work/life balance. To be a valued employee is to be a happy one, and this in turn gives a harmonious workplace, one which people feel heard, determined and importantly happy. Every effort is made to ensure our workplace is like no other. Our divisions are by no means siloed, meaning there is interdepartmental discussions on projects and capacities and there are no arduous tasks due to our ‘all hands-on deck’ attitude.

This great undertaking company wide means that no member of staff is burdened to an overwhelming workload, and thusly ensuring a stress-free environment. This has been fine tuned by upper management who have a great awareness and understanding of mental health, and the pressures of modern living so this sentiment is not for the sake of a policy, but it is due diligently implemented and upheld every day.

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