AI-Driven Safety Detection

Servo Group has unveiled innovative CCTV solutions designed to enhance health and safety monitoring for businesses. These CCTV towers combine portability with advanced analytical capabilities, utilising artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms to detect safety breaches such as lack of PPE or unauthorised personnel in hazardous zones from distances of up to 70 meters.

In response to the pressing need for improved safety measures in industries like construction, Servo’s cutting-edge towers offer real-time hazard detection and analysis, including features like heat mapping and facial recognition. What sets these towers apart is their eco-friendly design, running on solar power or battery systems instead of traditional petrol generators, thereby reducing carbon footprint and bolstering the sustainability of both Servo and their clients.

Servo Group’s commitment to safety extends beyond its CCTV towers, as it plans to integrate AI-driven safety detection into its other security offerings. The company, which has experienced rapid growth since its inception and anticipates achieving a £22 million turnover in the coming year, continues to prioritise health and safety in its services.

With health and safety concerns on the rise, especially in light of a significant increase in fatal injuries reported by the Health and Safety Executive, businesses are increasingly interested in leveraging technology to mitigate risks. Jack Hill , Commercial Manager at Servo Group, emphasises the importance of proactive safety measures, stating that the new CCTV towers not only identify potential hazards but also offer the convenience and flexibility of traditional surveillance solutions.

With a decade of successful operation and a workforce of over 1500 operatives across the UK, Servo Group remains at the forefront of providing innovative security solutions while ensuring the well-being of its clients and their environments.

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