CCTV Camera systems

Servo Group pride ourselves as a leader in bespoke CCTV packages for your business needs using the best in analytical detection.

Cameras have always been an integral part of any monitoring system. Recognising the potential of video analytics to enhance security, Servo Group brings you a range of integrated solutions. These aim to simplify as well as strengthen your video surveillance systems. Our cutting-edge products provide end-to-end support. You can choose from a security product range featuring everything from cameras and monitors to software for easy integration.

Solar Powered CCTV Towers

Offsetting carbon emissions is a mission which all companies in the UK are working towards by 2030. Utilising these towers (notably within construction sites) offsets 1.3 – 1.6 tonnes of Co2. Modern solar security cameras can instantaneously store what they record into the Cloud thanks to the 4G technology. Using this feature, the users can monitor their properties from anywhere in the world. Besides, the devices being wire-free make them easy to transport and install.

ServoEye Wireless CCTV Units

The use of wireless CCTV enables our clients and businesses alike as they utilize lithium-ion batteries which contain less toxic metals than other batteries.

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Offering a robust 24-hour monitoring 365 days a year

Our video surveillance and commercial CCTV system collects, analyses and stores your data; all of which contribute to building a powerful and effective security solution. We also Install our mobile application that allows you to view your CCTV anywhere on the planet in real time and playback.

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