The Servo Group Pledge


Minimising our Environmental Impact

Servo Group is fully committed to reducing carbon emissions, we have reviewed our operations and how they impact on the environment. We have identified aspects and impacts, and how we will manage them. We have attained ISO 14001 which ensures that we systematically reduce energy and water consumption, encompassing a more systematic approach to legal compliance and an improved overall environmental performance.

At Servo, we’re committed to eco-friendly innovation, exploring sustainable, creative solutions that we can pass on to our clients.

We are working with the Carbon Trust and received an ongoing action plan which will direct our strategic direction towards our Net Zero 2050 goals.

Community Engagement

Supporting Local Economies

We firmly believe that local economies are the lifeblood of communities. To strengthen these communities, we pledge to actively encourage spending money locally. Our commitment extends beyond financial contributions; we will engage with local communities, listen to their needs, and contribute to their development in meaningful ways. Servo Group will engage in social responsibility initiatives that address specific needs and challenges faced by the community. This can involve supporting local charities, sponsoring community events, or participating in volunteer programs. For example, we can collaborate with organisations focused on supporting vulnerable populations, such as the elderly or at-risk youth, to enhance their safety and well-being.
From crime prevention and community engagement, to economic growth and environmental sustainability, Servo plays a vital role in fostering a thriving community.

Local Workforce and Living Wage Employer

Responsible Resourcing

Our workforce is the backbone of our operation, and we pledge to prioritise the well-being of our employees on every site we operate. We are committed to hiring a diverse local workforce, offering employment opportunities to those within the communities we serve. Furthermore, we pledge to pay a fair wage, always meeting or exceeding the National Living Wage and ensuring that our employees can enjoy a decent standard of living. promoting economic stability and social well-being. 

Ensuring Compliance

Modern Slavery Statement

Our approach to modern slavery is governed by our board of directors, who provide leadership from the top down, continually striving for best practice and leading by example. Our Modern Slavery policy is communicated to our supply chain and embedded into our procurement policy as an integral part of the way we work.

The UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 defines “modern slavery” as including the offences of “slavery, servitude and forced or compulsory labour” as well as “human trafficking”, all of which are directly opposed to the values and ethics of Servo Group.

We have in place several key policies which explicitly state how we operate as a business and the steps taken to ensure that we are a transparent, accessible, and inclusive organisation. These policies are reviewed annually and updated to ensure that ongoing opportunities for improvement are identified and acted upon.