A Train of Thought

Servo Group have been assessing the Governments latest ‘Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill’ and as a Leeds based company, working nationwide, were astounded to see the figures noted in the GVA per hour worked index. With Yorkshire & Humberside only marginally above Wales listed as the lowest.

We are a strong and empowered team and have taken great initiative to do what we can to move our beautiful home county up the list. Our successes nationwide in each of our divisions have been in abundance over the past 8 years, but we our aim is to strengthen our local portfolio and create jobs in line with a socio-economic mind on indeed ‘levelling up’.

Our Project Team have been examining government spend on infrastructure as so we can coincide our works to achieve the above. The rail industry has been documented at receiving investment upwards of £46billion – an exponential figure to say the least.

We then studied the ‘Integrated Rail Plan for the North and Midlands – Nov 21’ This documentation presents the aforementioned figures in terms of regional spend with £100m committed to the new West Yorkshire Mass Transit Systems, with benefits of the economic development promised by 2030.

So, what does all of the above mean for Servo Group? We are action takers and have managed to secure and are bidding for a substantial number of projects focussing on rail infrastructure in our home county. This has been done by our dedicated team reviewing upcoming frameworks and thoroughly researching the projects and prospects in the region. This has led to a recruitment drive for contingent labour, creating new jobs and thus an infiltration of local spend and earning.

Rail is such a vast industry, but here at Servo we do our research, understand the importance of infrastructure and always deliver.

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